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Divine's Design was first established by Burkinabé and Canadian designer Martine Dabiré in Dakar, Senegal. Named after her daughter born in 2007, Martine opens her first physical store in Dakar. Operating out of her home garage, Divine's Design early clients were diplomats, missionaries, political figures and local celebrities.


With her riveting collections and fashion shows, Martine Dabiré quickly shook up up the industry gaining reputation and local fame. She showcases her products across West Africa with popular events in Senegal and Burkina Faso. With Senegal as a hotspot for fashion, she quickly begins to pique the interest of a notable clientele.


Ripe with success, the company opens their second physical store in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. With its native roots exuding from her styles, the brand quickly becomes popular, especially with the Faso Dan Fani (FDF), a textile from Burkina Faso. This expansion helped bridge relationships with prominent cotton producers in Burkina Faso. She quickly gains and strengthens her loyal following of refined clientele including political figures, diplomats and missionaries within Africa.


To excel in her art, Martine Dabiré pursues and receives a specialization in Fashion Design and Cutting Techniques at the Academy of Design in Toronto (Yorkville University) while catering to a novel market in Toronto, Canada. Whilst living there, she embraces the Canadians' appreciation for diversity and incorporates novel techniques and styles in her collections.


With a riveting market demand from "Le Pays de la Sape" Divine's Design expands their operations to Kinshasa, Congo. The company quickly acquires popularity with their fashion shows.


More employees were welcomed aboard, resulting in a successful company expansion - one that reaches unique and international clients with higher demand and more personalized needs. This allows Martine Dabire to begin her new line of 'Haute Couture' products.


Divine's Design expanded their business to neighboring country; Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo. There, the company embelished the Haute Couture and Made-to-Fit Line for their clients consisting mainly of diplomats, political figures and celebrities.


Divine's Design continues to produce for its various clients, curate collections and participate in annual Fashion shows. They are set to locates their manufacturing to Dakar, Senegal to accomodate for increasing demand and prepares to start shipping their Haute Couture line internationally.