Collection: Silhouette

Pure beauty
“You asked me what was the most beautiful dress I could dream of? I once saw on screen, in an American film, a woman at night on a terrace. I won't be able to tell you the title. Maybe the fifties. She is in the living room, the dress is midnight blue, silk, a long dress and very narrow at the base. The woman is really beautiful, with a jewel that makes sparkles of light on her neck. When she comes out, the dress becomes dark, but the moon makes it shine. The ocean is further away, like the dress, under the moon. A dress, like the sea, the night and this woman. Wow! »


Sophisticated and a little more. Martine Dabiré's latest creations seem to have come out of a film. Their very material is… Hollywood. To wear on a liner, at the wedding of a sultana, a night in the palace of a Russian prince. And yet… Africa is not very far away. A dream ! -Martine Dabiré

By Roger Calme

“  The woman is sublime, she is happy about it, and so am I for having come to understand her. In form and in substance. 

Keeping the brand's theme of Métissage, the collection features an exotic blend with Africa's uniqueness at the forefront. A merging of Faso Dan Fani, Lace, Velvet, Wax and other notable and fabrics not often seen but certainly felt in this collection.