Signature Style : The Tunique Jacket

One of Africa's most sought-after products, the Tunique Jacket is a style that spans decades. Worn and propagated by a rich history of presidents, and chiefs, the Tunique Jacket is a timeless, heritage piece that continues to elevate modern wardrobes with its vibrant and elegant aesthetic.

Since 2008 we have been continuously perfecting our craft; uncovering a timeless and irresistible union between African fabrics and designs with western stylesWith a wide array of options in fabrics we intertwine a wide variety of fabrics in terms of quality, content & weights using a sensational assortment that we call 'Métissage'.


Luxurious & Unnexpected Fabrics

With the wide diversity of fabrics available across Africa, Divine's Design is able to source textiles from across the continent. From the Faso Dan Fani (FDF) made in Burkina Faso, the Ankara from Nigeria to the Kitenge produced in Zambia, all allow a proliferation of sensational designs.



Simplicity, Utility & Elegance

Divine's Design exhibits flexibility with their creations. From pioneering bold looks to the simple and impactful outfit that radiates of elegance. Sometimes 'Less is More'. 



Bright Colorful Blends

With the various fabrics and curated styles, Divine's Design's melding of various colors can be seen, one emitting of eccentric looks and going against the monochromatic nature of fashion. 



Iconic Details

Appearing in various forms, our styles can be recognized by numerous features.

  • The signature African Collar is prominent in our designs encircling the neck with an U-shaped style.
  • The buttonless, single-button, or double button look for women or 5-button for men comes in many shape, style and feel.
  • The Tunique can often be seen extending right above the knees allowing a hybrid look for all types of occasions.


In addition, we handpick from a large collection of over 1,000 European cotton fabrics, buttons, zippers as well as other varieties like poplin, linen, etc.



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